The Cleveland Midway: Cleveland’s Pathway to Progress

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Explore The Impact on Our Community and Local Businesses

As Cleveland continues to grow and evolve, the Superior Cleveland Midway project has become a key plan in the city’s vision for a more connected, healthier, and vibrant community. This bike lane development is about more than just improving city infrastructure — it is a symbol of progress and a catalyst for positive change.

As a part of Cleveland’s Separated Bikeway Network, the Superior Cleveland Midway project promises a safe cycling route and reimagines urban spaces by revitalizing our local communities. The investment of $22.6 million in federal funds in our bike trail is a commitment to improving the lives of Cleveland residents, promoting economic growth, and creating vibrant, healthy communities.

Learn more about the project, scheduled to be constructed in the fall of 2025, and the anticipated impact it will have on the local community and surrounding businesses.

A Strategic Location for Development

By providing a safe, convenient, and comfortable link along Superior Avenue between E. 55th Street and Public Square, the Superior Midway will greatly enhance the daily lives of Cleveland residents. Serving as a east-west connection, its strategic location will provide comfortable access to downtown and other popular areas in Cleveland, like Ohio City and the Flats, making it a vital link in the city’s transportation network.

Whether traveling downtown for work, exploring new businesses in popular neighborhoods, or simply enjoying a walk outside, this new bike lane will open up new transportation alternatives. It is no secret that residents will benefit from this safe, convenient, and accessible pathway in their day-to-day lives.

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An Investment into the Cleveland Community

The Cleveland Midway is not just a bike trail, it’s an investment in our future. With an impressive $22.6 million in federal funds dedicated to this project, Cleveland is showing its commitment to improving the lives of its residents and fostering economic growth.

This substantial investment demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to city planning, with a focus on creating spaces that promote well-being and connectivity.

By providing a safe, convenient, and comfortable link along Superior Avenue, the Cleveland Midway will transform some of the most vulnerable Cleveland neighborhoods. Its continuous 10’-wide sidewalk-level cycle track within a 26’ wide median ensures safe travels for all, whether commuting to work or simply enjoying a leisurely bike ride.

A Driving Force for Economic Growth in Cleveland

The Cleveland Midway is not just a path; it’s a driver of economic growth. Businesses along the corridor have already seen increases in property values and revenue, illustrating the tangible benefits of this infrastructure project.

As Cleveland evolves, new businesses, housing developments, and community spaces are likely to emerge along the pathway. This growth not only benefits residents but also attracts visitors and investors to the area.

Supercharging Community Engagement and Social Connections

One of the most notable aspects of the Superior Midway is its potential to bring communities together. As residents, visitors, and tourists alike use the pathway, they have opportunities to interact, socialize, and build connections. The Midway will serve as a hub for community events — including everything from bike rides to walking tours and neighborhood gatherings.

Throughout the corridor, residents will encounter vibrant murals, sculptures, and landscaping that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area. This sense of community engagement fosters a stronger bond among Clevelanders and creates a more inclusive and vibrant city.

Join Us Along The Superior Cleveland Midway

Tyler Village is proud to be part of the transformative Superior Midway project. As a mixed-use complex for local Cleveland small businesses, artisans, and entrepreneurs, we are directly integrated and enjoy the benefits of this revitalization initiative.

Being located along the Superior Midway provides our occupants — other local small businesses — with increased the visibility and accessibility they need to thrive. This development means that Tyler Village is not just a workplace or a business hub; we are a part of a larger movement towards economic growth and community development in Cleveland.

Explore Opportunities for Greater Connectivity and Business Growth With Tyler Village

As we look to the future, the Cleveland Midway stands as a symbol of Cleveland’s growth and progress. It’s more than just a bike trail — it’s a pathway to connectivity, economic growth, and a brighter future for Cleveland.

At Tyler Village, we are excited to offer our occupants the opportunity to be at the heart of this exciting urban transformation. From small business owners to local artists, be sure to check out what Tyler Village is all about! Whether you are lacing up for a jog, hopping on your bike for a ride, or taking a stroll, be sure to stop by to learn more.