Discovering Olga Ziemska’s sculpture in the new Hilton Hotel at the Cleveland Convention won’t be difficult.  Meander, her latest work, a 4′ x 25′ created from laser cut acrylic, “moves a lot visually”.
This won’t be her first Cleveland installation.  She’s left her mark in Tremont, too, with Dendrite, a 6′ x 18′ large head that serves as a bench at West 10th and Professor.  She also sculpted a large head from reclaimed wood for the Weston Hotel’s lobby.
A native of Cleveland, Ziemska knew from an early age that she wanted to be an artist.  A Fulbright Scholarship resulted in her studying in Poland.  A subsequent feature in Sculpture magazine kick-started her career.
Her aptly named Olga Ziemska Studio, occupying 2500 square feet in Tyler Village’s Building 25, is ideal for her large-scale pieces.  “I drove by here all of the time and had no idea there were three bay doors, two drive-in docks and freight doors so large they can fit a car.   It’s perfect,” she says.
Watch for photos on facebookbook.com/olgakeimsstudios of her upcoming August trip to a nature art collective conference in Korea. She was one of only 20 artists from around the world selected to attend.



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