MedCity Discovers Internet Niche

If what differentiates entrepreneurs from the rest of us is their compulsion to take action after experiencing an ‘aha moment’, MedCity Media CEO Chris Seper most definitely made the entrepreneurial leap.

It happened five years ago while Seper, Online Medical Editor for The Plain Dealer, attended The Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Innovation Summit. “I recognized a need for a dot com enterprise that would focus on healthcare and life science,” he says.

With investors in tow, Seper resigned his position and created MedCity News, a Huffington Post-style Ezine featuring innovations and medical breakthroughs in the healthcare sector. In addition to its e-publication, the company also creates and coordinates nationally-based healthcare-focused panel discussions and events.

With a current mailing list of over 400,000 readers, MedCity News has become the must read online Industry-specific publication for anyone interested in new products, medicines and mobile applications.

MedCity relocated to Tyler Village two years ago. “We were growing and looking for a landlord that was reactive to our needs,” Seber explains. “We are an innovative shop. When we mentioned to Tyler Village Management that we wanted to line our walls with chalkboard contact paper, there wasn’t a blink.”

Today, MedCity’s staff uses the walls for sketching and exploring. While its offices are currently home eight local employees, there are others¬† in Louisville and Philadelphia. Plans for multiple new local and national new hires are underway.

Plans are also underway for its Mid-America Healthcare Venture Forum, April 22-23. For more information about the conference or MidCity News, visit

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