There are few physical aesthetics that have the psychological and emotional impact of hair loss. For men, it’s a constant worry. For women, it’s a source of embarrassment.

Thanks to Tyler Village-based LaserCap® relief for many may have arrived.

LaserCap®, a portable, discreet, non-surgical, non-drug remedy is administered solely by physicians. The portable, home-use therapeutic device uses low level laser light therapy to promote hair growth in males and females with hair loss.

According to Prerna Khemka, LaserCap’s Director of Marketing and Sales, “We have experienced a 50 percent growth rate in past two years. Tyler Village allows us to have office and warehouse space in a central location. It makes the commute more manageable for our employees while allowing us a more official presence than our previous location.”

LaserCap occupies 1500 square feet of office space and 3700 square feet of warehouse space at Tyler. This start-up company began shipping product in early 2010.

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