Local photographer Arthur Fantroy admits that his space at Tyler Village may be unusual to some.

Fantroy PhotographyYet for him, his partner and wife Patricia and partner Dana Simmons, the triangular shape and lack of windows make it the ideal photography studio.

“We like a dark set,” he admits.¬† Fantroy also appreciates Tyler Village’s proximity to Downtown.¬† Its elevators were a ‘must’, too, and a requirement for many of his clients.

Now in its third year, Fantroy Fotos specializes in wedding and portrait photography but is capable of doing any type of commercial photography.

Since moving into Tyler, Arthur has commissioned his next door neighbors to build a window with sets. “We’ll have the option of creating rooms and customizing backgrounds,” he explains.

Although most of Fantroy Fotos’ business is generated by word of mouth, the partners are anxious to see its website,, go live in the very near future.

Fantroy Photography


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  1. Janice Johnson

    Hi Pat…I had fun at the Orchard luncheon and was pleased to see you again. Art took a headshot of me that I really like and I am wondering if I could purchase a print of it. Usually I don’t look very attractive in pictures, but this was real talent from him, because I think I looked pretty good for an old broad.

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