Byte Café Combines High-Tech and Dining

A quick bite is suddenly a double entendre since the opening of Byte Café, a kiosk-style café with high-speed internet access.

Thanks to the owner and founder of this food stand, Michael Katz, handmade soups, salads, sandwiches, juices and more will be available in Tyler Village from 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

While orders and payment for Byte Café may be made through an online app allowing tenants to pick up their items and confirm their orders by scanning an id on their smartphones, they may also stop by the kiosk to place their orders in more traditional ‘grab and go’-style.

Although this is his first-time solo venture, Katz has a background in food and food service and has been involved with fine dining and catering. In addition to contracting with prominent local bakeries including Cleveland Bagel and The Stone Oven Bakery, he will prepare all other items from scratch at Cleveland Culinary Launch & Kitchen.

“Every day is a learning curve,” he asserts. “I’ll start rolling out the business by offering lunches to tenants in Tyler Village and then create a scalable model for airports, malls and hotels.” He has already planned to open a second location at Launch House in Shaker Heights.

Katz based his model on fast, to-go businesses in other major cities. “It’s something that’s not available in Cleveland. Great people deserve great food. Byte Café will provide really good quality fast food with great ingredients.”

adminByte Café Combines High-Tech and Dining

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