APG Office Furnishings Completes Its Own Makeover

It’s been nearly seven years since APG Office Furnishings began leasing its 10,000 square foot space in Tyler Village.

Its offices, a stunning combination of incredible use of space, 150 square feet of skylights with views of downtown Cleveland Lake Erie and Herman Miller furniture, are an example of the ultimate transformation and best usage of Tyler’s raw space.

“We have a working office and showroom,” Sean Regan, APG Vice President of Sales explains when referencing the company’s recent renovation.  “As the Baby Boomers retire, we’ve found that Millennials work differently.  While the Boomers liked high walls and individualized space, the Millennials prefer to work in teams. They want to be able to work anywhere in the office and to roam with their laptops.”

The newly remodeled APG offices reflect those differences.  Walls are lower and more open, allowing workers to talk amongst themselves. There are many more group opportunities.

So while the classic Herman Miller furniture takes a prominent position in APG’s reception area, the new Herman Miller line, Canvas, promoting the newer philosophy, is featured in the remainder of the space.

APG Office Furnishings is a Certified Network Dealer of Herman Miller. For more information, log on to www.apgof.com or call 216.621.4590.

adminAPG Office Furnishings Completes Its Own Makeover

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