Analiza Partners with The Cleveland Clinic

If a simple blood test that could detect early stages of prostate and ovarian cancer was made available, would you be interested? And, if the cost of the test was only five dollars, would you determine it was worth the money?

Arnon Chait and The Cleveland Clinic predict you would.

Chait, Analiza’s Chief Executive Officer, has added the title of President of Cleveland Diagnostics, a company he co-founded with The Cleveland Clinic, to his resume. The new company hopes to save lives utilizing simple blood tests resulting in methods that are affordable, reliable and until now, unavailable.

“The company is dedicated to cancer diagnostics,” he explains. “We are developing innovations and technologies in an effort to create commercialized, highly innovative cancer diagnostic tests.”

To be sure, the price differential between today’s available cancer screenings and Cleveland Diagnostic’s blood testing is sizeable. Equally significant is its focus on rare cancers, those often overlooked by the larger pharmaceutical companies and therefore diagnosed in late stages.

“This is the technology that can detect certain Stage One cancers. It is inexpensive and has few false positives,” he says. “This technology can save lives.”

To accommodate the addition of Cleveland Diagnostics, Chait is predicting an expansion in his square footage in Tyler Village. He moved there after opening Analiza with former Russian Scientific Officer Boris Zaslavsky. The company evaluates new drugs in their early stages to determine whether further investments in development makes sense.a

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