Beegit Knows Content Marketing
beegitUnderstanding business-to-business content marketing is difficult for even the most sophisticated marketers.  For Beegit, the solutions are all in a day’s work.
One of Tyler Village’s newest tenants, Beegit’s business-to-business content marketing strategies help manufacturing companies with their online sales.
“By creating niche strategies for online audience targeting, we are able to assist our clients with better knowing who they are selling to,” explains Mike Cottrill, Co-Founder of Beegit in charge of Business Development.
Currently, Beegit’s client base is comprised primarily of businesses in the manufacturing sector as well as IT and Insurance.  It hopes to expand into Legal and Accounting in the near future.  “We are typically looking for companies with 10 to 50 employees,” he adds.
Prior to relocating to Tyler, Beegit was in Tremont.  “There’s a vibrancy at Tyler unlike anyplace else.  We like the fact that there are companies like ours that are growing.”  Cottrill added that the location was also a plus when considering the move.  “It’s close to Downtown. The Cleveland Flea is in our backyard.  I feel like we’re planting a flag here.  We plan to grow and work with others here.

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