APG Office Furnishings Completes Its Own Makeover

It’s been nearly seven years since APG Office Furnishings began leasing its 10,000 square foot space in Tyler Village. Its offices, a stunning combination of incredible use of space, 150 square feet of skylights with views of downtown Cleveland Lake Erie and Herman Miller furniture, are an example of the …

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Old City Soda Promotes Going Local and Natural

Former Cleveland bartender Michael ‘Mike’ Gulley isn’t tending bar anymore.¬† This self-proclaimed owner/soda maker is about to launch Northeast Ohio’s first micro soda company, Old City Soda. The concept for his business was based on the popularity of a Ginger Beer he created while working at The Fairmount Martini and …

adminOld City Soda Promotes Going Local and Natural

eCollect Discovers Payment Niche

Most of us have bounced a check or two in our lifetimes.¬† Imagine the impact it has on government, education or sub-prime lending companies offering check cashing and payday or installment loans. According to eCollect Chief Revenue Officer Kelcey Lehrich, there are $245 billion (with a B) returned items presented …

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MedCity Discovers Internet Niche

If what differentiates entrepreneurs from the rest of us is their compulsion to take action after experiencing an ‘aha moment’, MedCity Media CEO Chris Seper most definitely made the entrepreneurial leap. It happened five years ago while Seper, Online Medical Editor for The Plain Dealer, attended The Cleveland Clinic’s Medical …

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